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4 trends disrupting managed infrastructure services

While corporate data centers supported by managed infrastructure services were once in the background supporting business operations, they have now moved to the forefront of strategic planning and targeted investment decisions.  Infrastructure and operations (I&O) models must change to empower businesses to embrace the digital age, innovate, and integrate their cloud-first strategies.

The end is coming for the traditional infrastructure support model of procuring, provisioning, and supporting in-house infrastructure that enables new and upgraded enterprise software. Innovations, digital transformations, cloud-based infrastructure offerings (e.g., security-as-a-service), and the emergence of hyperscalers are changing the definition of infrastructure and infrastructure managed services.

I&O managed service providers are also changing their go-to-market strategies in reaction to these disruptors.  And companies must also think strategically and plan accordingly to enable this I&O transformation.

Let’s explore the magnitude of each disruptor and its impact in reshaping the very core of infrastructure as it exists today.

1. Digital transformation