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A bird’s eye view of your global attack surface

Sponsored Post Building an effective cyber security defense involves protecting the assets you know you have as well as the ones you don’t.

The first stage of any attack is the reconnaissance phase, so understanding your external attack surface before cyber criminals map it first is a critical step towards being ready for whatever is eventually thrown at you.

There are many different routes into your network and mission critical systems. These include all Internet facing assets and those that involve shadow IT assets that staff use on a daily basis, but which may be going underneath the radar of your cyber security team. Everything connected to those systems needs to be mapped and continuously monitored to make sure they’re not providing an open door to hackers – including domains, websites, hosts, services and SSL certifications.

Outpost24’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution is designed to take the pressure off your security team. Built on advanced reconnaissance techniques it continuously maps, analyzes and monitors your organization’s entire attack surface in order to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and offers actionable recommendations on how to plug the gaps, says the company.

Being cloud-based means no software or agent needs to be installed – security staff just log into the interactive dashboard through a web browser and register their company name and domains to get started. Outpost24 checks for assets from the infrastructure to the data layer and monitors encryption certificates for expiry dates, certificate chains, TLS protocols and issues.

It performs cookie consent checks to verify your website’s compliance with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and integrates with third party ITSM, SOAR, CAASM and software development project tracking applications to help co-ordinate the resolution of any problems it finds.

You can find out more about the EASM solution by clicking here. Outpost24 also provides a free Attack Surface Analysis that maps your current vulnerability landscape and shows you how you can immediately start boosting your organization’s cyber resilience.

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