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A roadmap to better cyber security training

Sponsored Post It’s a common problem when it comes to finding a new job or landing that all important promotion. You need to upgrade your CV to show some knowledge and experience of systems, tools and frameworks that your current role doesn’t require but the next step up the ladder does. But how do you learn what you need if you’re current role focuses on a different set of priorities, or even know what areas of speciality different organisations prize most highly in the first place?

That’s where the SANS’ new job role roadmap comes in, designed to let students explore common career paths in cyber security and point them to the specific training courses which can help them get there.

You can view courses and certifications which are most likely to be needed for your current job role, or one which you hope to land in the future. That includes specific skillsets within cloud security, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), cyber defence and Blue Team Operations and cyber threat intelligence for example.

And if you’re still not sure exactly what skills will give you the best chance of success, there’s also a useful framework which can help you identify the best possible training and certifications to push you in the right direction. The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) has established a cybersecurity framework designed to help employers bring out the full potential of their workforce by defining a standard set of common function categories, speciality areas and work roles.

So workers certified as competent in areas like incident response, vulnerability assessment, risk management, test and evaluation and digital forensics for example, as well as higher level functions like operational planning and executive cyber leadership, can make sure they have the skills that public, private and academic organisations commonly recognise as essential to the role.

The full SANS cybersecurity courses and certifications by job role roadmap – which covers everything from baseline skills, to focus job roles and specialised capabilities – is available to browse here. And you can check out the additional advice that the NICE Framework has to offer here.

Good luck with your search!

Sponsored by SANS.