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Are you making good progress with Kubernetes? Cybercriminals are progressing faster

Sponsored Who do you consider the most innovative, agile tech team out there? Sadly, it’s probably the cybercriminal community, particularly those who specialise in ransomware attacks.

After all, with ransomware attacks growing at over 60 percent a year, and the average ransom demand coming in at $178,000 and rising, they’ve got every reason to put the work in.

So, if you’re congratulating yourself on your progress adopting Kubernetes, just consider that the cybercriminals have been poring over it too.

Does your Kubernetes deployment support multiple components and services across multiple nodes, all spawning data, the hijacking of which could bring your operations to a shuddering halt? Great. Open source components that have to be regularly updated, and any of which could be carrying a vulnerability? Fantastic. And a learning curve that means teams might struggle to keep on top of even basic housekeeping? It doesn’t get any better. For the criminals that is.

And best of all, traditional data protection tools and techniques don’t necessarily apply. Your provider needs not just a theoretical understanding of Kubernetes, but immersion in the whole ecosystem, as well as a grasp of the DevOps workflows associated with K8s. And, long before they worked out the fine details of Kubernetes, cybercriminals worked out that the best way to cripple a firm is to target their backups first. So, you’ll want to ensure that your backups are immutable.

Yes, that’s quite a tall order, but it’s what you get with Kasten K10 by Veeam. As well as offering the sort of policy-based automation you expect in the Cloud Native world, and the full range of API support you need for DevOps workflows, it features S3 integrations including object store backup with WORM support.

Best of all, you can get a taste for what this all looks like with a free trial of Kasten K10, which gives you coverage across 10 nodes, not just for a limited time, but forever!

You won’t just get enterprise strength protection. You’ll also get a boost in your understanding of Kubernetes and a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Wherever Kubernetes is on your to-do list – and it’s going to be there someday – make sure your data protection policy is ahead of the game, and the opposition. Just head to the Kasten K10 page today.

Sponsored by Kasten.