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BrandPost: Episode 4: Customers, Employees, Partners — How the network is evolving to Serve Them All

Working from home used to be a perk. Now it’s a way of life. The way we shop changed so quickly, so thoroughly, that many retailers were caught off guard, and technology in many cases wasn’t ready for the surge. Instead of a company-issued device hooked into a LAN, the network ecosystem became instead a diverse ecosystem of end points, corporate networks, home routers, and VPNs.

For security pros, this had the makings of a nightmare.

“I think the biggest source of breach is on the user side and it comes in the form of password management and a lot of those things,” says Zeus Kerravala, security research analyst with ZK Research. “I actually talked with somebody that does penetration testing and he said 90% of the hires that companies that hire him he can breach within an hour, and usually that’s just through bad passwords.

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