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Build some flexibility into your cyber learning

Sponsored Post We’re all looking for a way to get the best cyber security training on the market, so we can push ahead in our careers. But we want to do it at our own pace, and in a location that suits us.

SANS identified this trend a while back, when it had become obvious that people increasingly wanted to learn in less traditional ways. That’s why 15 years ago SANS launched its OnDemand platform. Since then, over 100,000 students around the world have benefitted from this online training option, gaining the qualifications they need in the most flexible way.

SANS recently launched its refreshed OnDemand platform, designed with accessibility and usability in mind from the beginning and packed with enhancements, offering ultimate flexibility.

So, what’s changed? Here are some of the OnDemand innovations:

Students can still access training on their own schedule, but now they can do it through a new and easy-to-use OnDemand interface, designed to help optimize the learning experience.

SANS has updated the OnDemand video player, and added a fresh-look sidebar with outlines, course books, notes, improved search, and new bookmarking capabilities.

The SANS OnDemand mobile app means students can tap into training resources while on the move, online or offline, with help and support even easier to access.

SANS based these enhancements not on guesswork but on direct feedback gleaned from its students and customers. With SANS OnDemand you can train anytime, anywhere. The training is purposely designed to fit your individual needs, making the most of your limited time while also saving you the cost of travelling to a special training location.

Given the relentless pace of change in the cyber security field, combined with a shortage of trained practitioners, it certainly makes sense to be flexible where possible. And that’s what you get with SANS OnDemand.

Visit the SANS website here to find out more.

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