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Cloud security advice and expertise at your fingertips

Sponsored Post Imagine if you could get instant advice on how to protect your cloud infrastructure against cyber threats from some of the world’s best cloud security experts without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Well, it’s not a pipe dream. Starting at 11 am UTC on Friday 18th August, the SANS Cloud Security Exchange 2023 is a free and virtual event that brings together cloud security experts from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and the SANS Institute onto one digital stage.

Dr Anton Chuvakin, Security Advisor at Office of the CISO at Google Cloud, will start by outlining how cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer before going on to explain how AI can be used to detect and respond to cyber security threats more quickly and effectively than traditional security solutions. That’s followed by a session which will see Dr Andre Alfred, Vice President at Microsoft Azure Security, reveal how Microsoft uses its own products to protect its cloud infrastructure from cyber threats and how those same products can be used by other organizations to set up the same defenses.

In addition, SANS Institute instructors, Simon Vernon, Brandon Evans and Megan Roddie will address some of the lingering myths which prevent some organizations from migrating mission-critical applications and workloads into the cloud, partly because of misconceptions around the imbalance between on- and off-prem data security arrangements. Mark Ryland, Director, Office of the CISO at Amazon Web Services will also be sharing his expertise.

Towards the end of the event, these industry heavyweights will be joined by a host of additional SANS instructors who will collectively offer invaluable advice on what has worked and what hasn’t worked in previous deployments of cloud security and threat detection solutions, together with best practice guidance on how to safely proceed.

The inaugural 2022 SANS Cloud Security Exchange attracted thousands of attendees from across the globe, and this year is expected to be no different. You can register to attend the 2023 event here.

Sponsored by SANS.