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Cloud security needs assistants

Sponsored Cloud security is a challenge likely to keep a lot of IT professionals awake at night. So there might be some relief in knowing what types of tool offer the best protection – agent-based or agentless – and if organizations really have to rely on just one or the other.

Agents will cover security scanning, software patching, configuration, general system monitoring and system restarts/reboots. What agentless security tools do is very similar, but they are not necessarily a better option for scanning remote machines.

Nor are things always so straightforward for organizations operating in a world of various hybrid, integrated and multi-cloud environments. For hard-pressed IT staff with tons of other stuff to do, it’s important different security tools can be configured and managed effectively from the same interface for example.

If you are looking for answers or just want to understand more about agents and agentless security tools join us on 19th July at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BST for our cyber security Regcast.

Tim Philips from the Register will be in discussion with Aqsa Taylor and Ivan Melia from Palo Alto Networks. This event will explore everything you ever wanted to know about how these systems perform, whether they are better deployed solo or can be a smart double act that won’t affect your bottom line.

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Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks.