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Cybercriminals are looking forward to 2022, so you need to plan your response now

Paid Post Is it too early to be thinking about cybersecurity in 2022? That’s an easy one … of course not.

This could speed up the process. Cybersecurity firm Rapid7 is running 2022 Planning, a “four-part webinar series to help cybersecurity teams plan for their 2022 needs.”

Just by registering, you’ll get access to an exclusive planning deck created by Rapid7’s research team. This tool includes all the usual questions and topics for planning. In addition, it provides information on the threat and regulatory landscapes and current cybersecurity dynamics that will give you the tools to make your business case to your leadership.

Let’s take a quick look at each webinar.

Designing Effective Strategies to Manage Supply Chain Risk

The first webinar, Designing Effective Strategies to Manage Supply Chain Risk, is available on demand. This webcast will help you analyze the software dependencies in your supply chains, quantify and communicate exposure and, more broadly, help you evolve mitigation and management strategies.

The US edition of this webinar features VillageMD CISO Dan Walsh; and Loren Morgen, VP of global IT operations, infrastructure, and delivery at Owens & Minor International, along with Rapid7’s Erick Galinkin and Bob Rudis.

The EMEA edition features Jen Ellis, vice-president of community and public affairs at Rapid7; and Carl Nightingale, a partner in cybersecurity and digital trust at PA Consulting.

Path to Effective Cybersecurity Program Maturity

In a second webinar, also available on demand, Bob Rudis, chief security data scientist at Rapid7, presents the Path to Effective Cybersecurity Program Maturity. The fact is there is no silver bullet to eliminate threats and bring safety and resilience to your organization. That said, Bob will outline how to lay a solid path to cybersecurity maturity that will help you adapt to ever-changing threats and regulations.

A CISO’s View of 2022 Planning

A CISO’s View of 2022 Planning is the topic for webinar number three. Rapid7 will tap a highly experienced CISO to discuss their approach to setting goals and priorities, managing resources, and ensuring buy-in from leadership and the business.

The North America edition will feature Katie Ledoux, chief information security officer at Attentive, and goes live on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 1300 ET.

Simon Goldsmith, director of information security at OVO Energy, joins for Rapid7 for the EMEA edition, which will be broadcast live on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 1500 GMT.

Simplifying the Complex: Common practices across cybersecurity regulations

On December 13, Harley Geiger, senior director of public policy at Rapid7, and Brian Carey, senior manager of advisory services also at Rapid7, will present findings from their new white paper titled: Simplifying the Complex: Common practices across cybersecurity regulations.

Harley and Brian will identify commonalities among 10 major cybersecurity regulations, break down complicated regulatory text into a set of consistent cybersecurity practices, and organize the practices into core components of organizational security programs.

Whatever next year brings, you’ll be better prepared after watching Planning 2022, so why not just head here, register now, and start nailing down your New Year’s resolutions.

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