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Digital Transformation Needs to (Re)Start with Security

In life, regret tends to take on many shapes and forms. We often do not heed the guidance of the common anecdotes we hear throughout our days and years. From “look before you leap” to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – we take these sayings in stride, especially when we cannot necessarily provide proof of their veracity!

One particular trope that may incite ire, frustration, or regret when applied to enterprise security is – “once bitten, twice shy.”

In its very literal sense, we’re taught that if we’re bitten by something once – whether that be dog or security breach – we’re innately cautious or fearful of falling into a similar scenario. With dogs or any animal, we may pivot our behavior to avoid sharp teeth. However, with security breaches, many enterprises continue to be blindsided by “bites” – despite believing they’ve taken the utmost of caution to protect against them.

There is a clear disconnect between enterprise-preparedness and the severity of today’s threat landscape. We continue to see that no enterprise is immune to threats and breaches, with ransomware campaigns continuing to get more sophisticated and prevalent. We’re also seeing cyber criminals work together, banding as an enterprise themselves sharing common tools and knowledge. This means, as cyber criminals become more business-savvy, operational, and efficient – the enterprises they look to attack need to consistently be one step ahead to anticipate and prevent breaches.

Safety First, Now More Than Ever

The term digital transformation is not new by any means, but it needs to be newly approached through a security-first lens. For successful digital transformation to occur today, major industries need to focus on superior prevention against threats.

It’s time for business leaders to stop focusing on the “breach of the month” and more on building security into the fabric of their organizations so they’re not the next victims. For this to happen, it is imperative to break down silos of threat and information intelligence across the organization, enabling a collaborative, holistic, and strategic approach to securing the business.

Additionally, as we’re seeing more prevalent and sophisticated attacks, enterprises need to lean into the transformative technologies that can keep up with evolving techniques. AI provides for personalization of security – a key advantage as it can prioritize detection and response to allow organizations to focus on growth outcomes instead of spending time recouping lost data, customers, revenue, efficiencies, or more that can come at the expense of a threat or breach.

Placing security at the forefront of strategies can unleash the full potential of what digital transformation can make possible. With this approach and a mindset focused on prevention and cyber-readiness as the catalyst aiding true digital and business transformation, we have the power to turn the headlines around. It is time for enterprises to bite back, and the criminals to shy away.