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Don’t react, prevent

Webinar As general and military strategist Sun Tzu once wrote, “attack is the secret of defence; defence is the planning of attack”.

That he lived in ancient China at the time (around the fifth century BC) doesn’t make his wisdom any less applicable today – in fact, his thinking is just as relevant to cyber security now as it is to the conventional warfare of the period.

Learn more by dropping into our upcoming webinar Don’t react, prevent on June 29th at 5pm.

You might find that perhaps your organization should spend less time waiting for hackers to strike then cleaning up the mess afterwards, and more time on stopping attacks by identifying, simulating and managing the threats which are almost certainly heading their way.

That’s what inspired Darktrace to create Prevent. This builds on Darktrace’s AI-driven ability to detect and respond to cyber threats with multiple weapons for example – attack surface management, attack path management, and intelligent prioritisation to name a few.

Hear Justin Fier from Darktrace in conversation with The Reg’s Tim Philips as they discuss the coming storm in cyber security and consider how Prevent can help you stop falling foul of it.

All you need to do to join them in the webinar is click here and register. See you on the 29th of June at 5pm or see you in Cyber Security hell.

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