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Education is the foundation of modern cyber defence

Sponsored Post Every organisation needs to make cyber security training a high priority. Effective education is an essential part of improving security practices and fostering a sound security posture.

Most data breaches stem from human oversight and improved knowledge is surely one way to mitigate this. Training can help security professionals spot where defences are weak, ensuring that an organisation doesn’t fall foul of cyber security laws and regulations, not to mention the considerable financial and reputational cost of a security failure. Training is also a great way to enhance employee career development and retain skilled and experienced personnel.

That’s why SANS is such a useful source of high quality training, offering three different ways (or modalities) for its training to be delivered.

– In-Person: A lot of people feel most at home in a classroom setting, believing that this gives them an immersive type of experience they can’t get remotely. SANS holds live training events around the world and throughout the year where students gain from a focused environment and face-to-face contact with expert instructors.

– Live Online: Some students want a fully interactive training experience but would rather have this in the comfort of their home. Available across multiple time zones, SANS Live Online courses offer the same content available to classroom-based students, but without the need to travel.

– OnDemand: The third modality is SANS OnDemand, for those who want to study flexibly in their chosen environment, in their own time and at their own pace. Recorded instruction means they can brush up on the latest in cyber protection anywhere, anytime.

What kind of courses are available? Here’s a taster:

SEC401: Security Essentials – Network, Endpoint, and Cloud</p>

SEC401 is useful for those coming to information security either as beginners or experienced professionals, covering security skills and techniques handy for securing critical information and infrastructure. Lessons learned can be deployed immediately as the basis for a defensive strategy.

SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, and Incident Handling

SEC504 is all about trainees developing skills needed to conduct incident response investigations. You can learn how to apply a dynamic incident response process to evolving cyber threats and prepare effective defence strategies for cloud and on-premise platforms. Learn where the latest threats are coming from and get into the mindset of attackers.

FOR508: Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Digital Forensics

Forget all about old reactive approaches to security incidents. Today’s threat landscape demands constant vigilance if attacks are to be stopped, tackling intrusions as they happen rather than after attackers have completed their objectives. The FOR508 course teaches advanced approaches to hunting, identifying, countering, and recovering from a wide range of threats including those from nation-state adversaries, organised crime syndicates and ransomware operators.

SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering: Implementing Zero Trust for the Hybrid Enterprise

Want to learn how to build and maintain a truly defensible security architecture? Feel you need to know more about implementing Zero Trust principles and capabilities? The SEC530 course is all about that and more. Offering students’ ways of improving prevention, detection and response capabilities, as well as augmenting visibility and reducing attack surfaces.

SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials

With so many organisations migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud, often spreading them across multiple platforms, the battle to keep data secure is intensifying. The SEC488 course will help an organisation to successfully navigate the security challenges and cash in on the opportunities presented by cloud services.

Still not sure if SANS training is for you? You could always preview one or more of the courses before you commit. You can get a free hour of SANS training in the form of course demos, available for over 65 courses. This lets you check out the content, see SANS instructors in action, evaluate which level you might be at and test the OnDemand training platform in action. If you like what you see, you can register for the full experience in the demo.

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