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Facing down the triple threat

Sponsored Post There were hard words about the state of Britain’s cyber security in parliament recently, but it’s not just the country’s critical national infrastructure which may be underprepared to tackle the army of hackers and nation state-backed cyber criminals intent on causing it disruption.

Public and private sector organisations large and small face the same triple threat of ransomware, data breaches and extortion designed to nab sensitive information and fleece the owner into paying large sums of money to get it back. Attacks recently directed at Leicester City Council and NHS Scotland highlight the scale and regularity of incidents.

Experts believe there is now a well-oiled ecosystem of connected adversaries which has become very good at stealing data and monetizing it through cryptocurrency – criminal groups working together to elicit the maximum amount of financial return for the minimum amount of investment.

You can learn more by watching Tim Philips discuss the problem with Rubrik’s EMEA CISO Richard Cassidy in this Register interview. Richard has worked in the cybersecurity industry for the past 20 years, having led breach investigations for many different organisations, and has a ton of advice to offer on how to improve cyber defences.

Tim and Richard address the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, including ransomware, data breaches, and extortion and highlight the changing modus operandi of cybercriminals, including the increasing interconnectedness of cybercrime groups. Richard goes on to stress the importance of investing in proactive security measures to anticipate and mitigate potential threats before they occur.

The need to develop a comprehensive understanding of data and cybersecurity posture, and the role of vendors in providing consultative sales and solutions that meet customer needs, is paramount. Because the potential consequences of failing to address these issues – which can include regulatory action, fines, and even custodial sentences – can be commercially devastating.

You can watch the interview by clicking the link above.

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