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Fighting the five

Sponsored Post Cyber criminals never stop learning so nor should you. Fresh security hacks are being concocted and deployed every week, so it’s a good idea for cyber security professionals to pool their knowledge when working out how best to defend against them.

That was the thinking behind the annual SANS briefing at the RSA Conference, which highlighted the Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques likely to surface in 2023. Moderated by SANS Technology Institute College President Ed Skoudis, the session saw four prominent SANS panellists offer their insight into how cyber security professionals can best protect their organizations from the latest threats.

One was SANS Fellow & Offensive Cyber Operations Curriculum Lead Attack Technique Stephen Sims, who shines a light on how hackers are using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to polish their ransomware campaigns and identify vulnerabilities within enterprise software.

Heather Mahalik, SANS Fellow, DFIR Curriculum Lead, and Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite, expands on the same theme with a discussion of how social engineering attacks powered by ChatGPT are exploiting human risk to make everyone more attackable.

Of course, it’s hard enough to defend your own organization’s systems from intrusion, let alone those of your business partners further along the supply chain. So the advice from Dr. Johannes Ullrich, SANS Technology Institute College Dean of Research and Internet Storm Center (ISC) Founder on how to work with software developers to align security architectures and share threat intelligence across third-party applications spanning different sectors is likely to be welcome too.

To round things off Katie Nickels, SANS Certified Instructor and Director of Intelligence at Red Canary highlights the new search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising attacks which are being used to trick victims into engaging with spoof websites, downloading malicious files and enabling remote user access. Just so you know.

The world of cyber security is ever-changing. That’s why SANS offers a range of solutions to help everyone in your organization defend against the bad guys. Discover the different ways to keep your organization safe here.

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