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For some, accounting is more than just spreadsheets! Vernon’s McAfee Journey

Vernon has been our Manager of Technical Accounting for more than two years, but that doesn’t mean he’s buried in spreadsheets and numbers all day. He’s a part of our team of experts for the complex, technical accounting projects that pop up.

My McAfee career journey story

It’s been an amazing ride so far. My team touches on several areas of responsibility, including financial period closing, financial reporting, and accounting for complex transactions.

​​​​​​​The most rewarding part of my role is definitely the variety and complexity – they really go hand-in-hand and I enjoy asking questions and figuring out the solutions, even when there is not always a textbook answer. I enjoy the challenge of working collectively with a team to find solutions by applying research and experience to a set of facts.

It’s also rewarding to be able to collaborate with auditors and other stakeholders who would be interested in the results.

Talent and collaboration – a rare combo

​​​​​​​My favorite thing about working at McAfee is the team. We have an amazing team. It’s full of really smart people. I’ve seen some companies try and find the best talent they can, but McAfee has just taken that to a whole different level. Everyone in their respective areas is really tuned in to the broader effort and we work well together. At McAfee, we enjoy both a high level of talent and collaborative effort. You don’t often find both in the same place. ​​​​​​​

My leadership philosophy

I really believe that each person brings certain strengths to the table, and they should be able to exercise those strengths to develop and expand their capabilities. Once those natural roles are established, it’s best to trust them to determine how best to perform in their roles and collaborate with the team in achieving results that add value to the broader group.

My advice for anyone looking to drive their career forward is

​​​​​​​First, expect the unexpected – consider each new experience an opportunity for personal growth.

Secondly, get involved in projects. If you have the opportunity to do something different or work with a cross-functional team, do it. It builds your own skill base, which opens the door for greater future opportunities and you get to meet people outside of your own department and develop relationships that may prove valuable over time.