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Get ready to defend your data against cyber warfare

Sponsored Post Cybercrime and cyber attacks across the world are on the increase, and the best form of defence against whatever they might throw at you is to assume you’re going to be attacked and beef up your operational resilience to better deal with the fallout before it actually happens.

The war in Ukraine is already demonstrating the value of accepting and embracing a shared responsibility for collective protection, an approach that the Data Security Talks EMEA 2022 | Rubrik event on 27th October will discuss as a means of encouraging public and private sector organisations to jointly tackle cyber attacks.

The keynote speaker is Misha Glenny, an award-winning journalist who formerly worked as a correspondent for The Guardian and the BBC. He is also the acclaimed author of McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld, which was later adapted into an 8-part TV crime drama.

Misha will explore how geopolitics affects the way cybercriminals create and deliver ransomware and the steps that nation states, public and private sector organisations are taking to protect themselves. He’ll also reveal some of the techniques that hackers typically use to launch social engineering attacks, and why these are causing so much friction on a global basis.

Additional insight will come from Microsoft security experts, and Sir John Scarlett, a former Chief of British intelligence service MI6. The CIO of 3D printing firm Materialise will also be on hand to give an enterprise perspective on how companies build their resilience against cyber attacks, malicious insiders and the sort of operational disruption which could end in depleted revenue, regulatory fines and the loss of customer trust and reputation.

Threat actors are constantly finding and using innovative and more sophisticated methods and strategies to gain unauthorised access to data, networks and systems. The solution is pooling our resources to thwart them, and being able to predict what they’re going to do next.

Get a better idea of how to do that by virtually attending the Data Security Talks on 27th October. Register for the Data Security Talks EMEA 2022 | Rubrik event here.

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