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Getting to grips with protecting industrial systems? It’s going to get messy

Paid Post Getting to really know industrial systems means getting hands-on. Literally. The same applies to securing them, which is more important than ever in the wake of attacks such as last year’s Colonial Pipeline debacle.

That’s why SANS Institute offers a range of courses focused on industrial control systems, all of which feature hands-on, highly practical exercises over five to six days.

And if you want a taster of how SANS’ tutors can help you protect your process systems, you should join this upcoming webcast, Getting Your Hands Dirty with Industrial Control Systems, on February 17 at 1100, Singapore time (0300 UTC).

Over three hours, SANS ICS course authors Tim Conway and Jeff Shearer will be discussing the importance of hands-on, focused training when it comes to identifying threats and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and process environments – and in protecting against them.

Needless to say, this will be a highly interactive session, with an hour of Q&A timetabled in. And, as you might expect, given the Asia-Pacific timing, this will also be a multi-language webcast.

You’ll get an overview of the common elements and asset types you can expect to encounter in ICS environments, and the wide range of knowledge you can tap within this close-knit community. This will be relevant whether you’re looking to gain visibility into and secure existing environments or are developing new architectures that have to be secure from the get-go.

Tim and Jeff will also be diving into the technologies, tools and scenarios covered in the ICS 612: ISC Cyber-Security in Depth and ICS 515: ICS Visibility, Detection and Response courses. Both courses aim to stretch students, pushing them to analyze attacks, run restores, and defend an ICS that is under active attack.

ICS 515 sets you on the path to achieving visibility in your systems, monitoring threats, engaging in incident response, and taking an intelligence driven approach to ICS Cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, ICS 612 shows you how to use active and passive methods to gain visibility into your environment and identify vulnerabilities, and how to build defenses against attacks – and pull all of this together to defend against attacks.

If industrial control systems are part of your life, knowing how to protect them must be too. So whether you’re starting out or need a refresher, head over to SANS and register for this webcast now.

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