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Giveaways for every security professional

Sponsored Post Fighting cybercrime is an expensive business. If your cyber defences fail, then the cost can be measured in many ways. There’s the price of repairing damaged infrastructure, retrieving lost data, and paying regulatory penalties. And the cost in reputational terms with customers simply has no metric.

So it’s nice to get something for free, especially if it might help you avoid those setbacks in the future. We’re talking about the range of free educational resources from SANS, targeted at every job level from apprentice to senior professional. These resources are a great way to keep your skills up to date. Even if you’re already pretty savvy about security, you could always improve your knowledge a little bit more.

We all need to keep pace with a fast-changing threat landscape. All the better if it’s all at no cost to you or your employer.

It’s all based around immediately usable practical advice. You’ll find capabilities to support your organisation’s cybersecurity goals and push forward individual cybersecurity careers. Here are some examples of the free stuff you can enjoy:

Virtual summits

These in-depth technical talks give you the chance to hear from real live industry experts. People who know facts, not just theories. Tune in to interactive panel discussions and network with leading names in the cybersecurity field. Virtually meet with your peers from around the world. If you can’t make a session on the day, then you can access recordings and presentations later. These summits will give you a fresh perspective and introduce you to new tools that you can instantly leverage in your work.

Posters and Cheatsheets

Were you taught never to cheat? Think again. These sneaky free materials will give you easy-to-use shortcuts covering topics from cloud security to DevSecOps to digital forensics and incident response. Opt for easy street.

Whitepapers for the SANS community

These whitepapers are a not-to-be-missed resource for anybody wanting a comprehensive view of a current security threat. By way of example, a recent report considers the problem of dependency attacks. Even if your organisation doesn’t develop software, it still uses it. So you need to know what they are and what to look out for.

SANS Blogs

Recently posted blogs have covered areas like cloud security and developing ICS/OT engineering cyber defence teams. Several students described this as a must for anybody looking to transition into a cyber threat intelligence analyst role.

Free IDC Content

What about some content from leading independent analyst firm IDC? This delves into some of the key areas driving the need for security skills. It also examines why security training should become a priority, and outlines the business value of certification and training. Also on offer is the 2022 SANS Security Awareness Report which analyses data from over 1,000 security awareness professionals from around the world.

SANS Internet Storm Center

This tool from the SANS is another way to bring yourself up to date with new threats. Listen to the 5-minute Daily StormCast every day to get the latest cyber security news, patches, vulnerabilities and trends.

Reach for your mouse before you reach for your wallet and see how free SANS education resources can help you and your organisation by clicking here.

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