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Gripped by cybersec career indecision? Don’t give up. Level up

Sponsored Whether you’re an experienced cybersecurity hand or a relative newbie, you know the price of security is constant vigilance…and constant honing of your skills.

In which case you’re probably already familiar with SANS Institute’s line-up of courses, which take you from the fundamentals you need to launch your career, through advanced courses in key disciplines, to deep dives into highly specialised areas such as industrial systems, mobile devices, or security team management.

The possibilities are almost endless, which means the real challenge is not so much justifying the budget for training, as making the best use of your limited time. If you sign up for a course or certification, you want to be sure it’s the right one. One that’s going to enable you to protect your organisation AND help you advance your career.

So, if you’re contemplating where you need to go next, check out SANS’s refreshed Level Up test.

This interactive quiz will gently delve into your existing cybersecurity knowledge, giving you a take on your own current grasp of the fundamentals.

But it will also serve up more advanced questions tailored to specific specialities or pathways, giving you the chance to both test your existing knowledge and get a feel for the path not yet taken.

And if you’ve done the test before, no problem. It’s been fully updated to take into account the whole current range of SANS courses, including its newest launches, as well as updated courses.

The result? A personalised list of recommended courses and certifications that can help you plug gaps in your knowledge, launch you into new specialisms, and help you bring your long term career goals into focus and show the courses and certifications you’ll need to achieve them. It might even uncover a pathway you’ve never previously considered.

From there, you can choose to get in touch with SANS’ specialists or signup for recommended courses, whether online or in person.

Whether you’ve got a specific route in mind or want to take a more open-minded approach to your career planning, why not head to the quiz page, and get ready to Level Up now.