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Hackers are after your data. So why are you making it so easy for them?

Webinar Some cyberattackers are out to cause mayhem, but the pros are really after one thing. Your data, whether that’s through exfiltration or encryption.

It’s a no-brainer then that data security should be at the center of your overall security strategy. That means being able to detect and neutralize threats, ensure data is protected even when bad actors make it through, and being able to remediate and restore your data quickly if the worst does happen.

So, are you sure your current data security tool kit is up to scratch? Thought so. Which is why you should join our upcoming webinar, Your best defence against cyber attacks is an Iron Man suit for your data, on May 26 at 12pm ET (5pm BST.)

Our very own Martin Courtney will be joined by Rubrik’s Murthy Mathiprakasam to discuss how, when it comes to protecting data, some heroes don’t wear capes.

They’ll unpick the challenges companies face in protecting, tracking and auditing the ever-growing mountain of data they need to collect, store and process both on and off-prem.

They’ll also discuss how quickly restoring access to applications, systems AND data is essential to being able to recover from a cyberattack, and limit both operational and reputational damage.

And they’ll dive into how Rubrik’s data observability engine can map and monitor your sensitive data to flag up vulnerabilities and keep in line with governance and regulatory requirements.

Unless you’re absolutely sure you’ve got all of this covered already, you should really join this session. And even if you are sure, it’s never too late to brush up. So, head here, register, and start measuring up your own data powered Iron Man suit now.

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