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Helping you bridge the cloud security gap

Sponsored Post The job of the cyber security professional is never easy, and it gets progressively harder with the movement of sensitive data and applications across the multiple different on and off premise systems that make up modern hybrid cloud environments.

That’s why SANS has created a training and certification curriculum devoted specifically to cloud security, designed to help those responsible for implementing effective cloud security measures within their organisation to broaden their knowledge and skills.

The latest free educational content is the ‘Bridge to the Clouds: Unifying Worlds with Entra ID in Hybrid Landscapes‘ webinar, which will be broadcast at 2pm UTC (9am EST) on the 7th of November. It will be hosted by Simon Vernon, Head of Research and Development at the SANS Institute responsible for the creation and operations of all BootUP and Community Cyber Ranges. Simon is also the CSO for a social media firm, advisor and board member to several other organizations and is one of the SANS instructors on the SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials course.

The webinar will explain how Microsoft’s Entra ID helps to improve identity and access management in hybrid cloud environments, illustrating how it works via customer case studies and real-world applications of the technology’s ability to synchronize identities across on and off premise Active Directory configurations.

The ‘Bridge to the Clouds: Unifying Worlds with Entra ID in Hybrid Landscapes‘ webinar is free to watch for members of the Community, just one component of a whole library of free resources that SANS has made available to cloud security practitioners.

As well as different webinars, videos, and blogs, these include everything from Buyers Guides to cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPPs) to surveys on secure DevOps and API security, white papers on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Kubernetes, and reviews of the Scaler Zero Trust platform for cloud workloads, for example.

There are also free open-source tools to download and cheat sheets and posters that offer visual representations of cyber tips and techniques. Members of the Community can also take advantage of regular newsletters providing expert commentary on the latest news and cyber security risks.

You can sign up to access the ‘Bridge to the Clouds: Unifying Worlds with Entra ID in Hybrid Landscapes’ webinar and other free SANS cloud security resources by clicking this link.

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