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How I Seized McAfee’s Opportunities to Realize My Potential

This post was written by Emmanuel

Making the most of opportunities and putting in the work with an employer who invests in you is a powerful combination. My journey at McAfee would not be complete had it not been for the chance to prove myself.

McAfee Rotation Program (MRP) program helps candidates find the right fit within the organization. MRP consists of five month-long placements within Professional Services, Pre-Sales Engineering, Security Operations and Sales Operations. To be accepted, candidates must complete and score well during three rigorous days of evaluation.

There is no promise you’ll be hired, only the promise that McAfee will give you every chance to prove your worth. And when you succeed, the benefits are far greater than just a paycheck.

In 2018, about a year after earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, I learned about the program while looking for work. Even though cybersecurity wasn’t my background, I decided to take a chance.

The path to a rewarding career

McAfee flew me from my home in New Jersey to Dallas to complete an intensive course consisting of 10- to 12-hour days of interviews, presentations, logic tests, and team building exercises. One of the toughest parts was presenting on McAfee products, something I knew very little about, and having only a few hours overnight to prepare once given the assignment.

Those days were extremely challenging and tested me in ways that I didn’t think possible. Even though it wasn’t really tailored to my area of studies, the program was an opportunity to work for one of the largest global corporations. I was resolved to stay focused and make an impression.

And I was hungry. Failing wasn’t an option. I had done my research and wanted the opportunity to work for McAfee.

About two weeks after the course, McAfee informed me that I was one of six candidates to be accepted into the MRP. The journey to help me find the best position soon began.

For the next two years, I worked five rotations or positions within the program’s designated areas. It wasn’t long before I began charting my path to what interested me most.

Last year, I achieved my goal of becoming an Enterprise Security Engineer.

Succeeding through a culture of ongoing development

I could not have achieved success without God, the help of a lot of people, and a diverse culture that embraces personal and professional growth.

McAfee gives you the opportunity to not just find what you do best but fulfill your passions. Along the way, you are recognized and mentored – a great achievement was receiving the “Who’s Doing This” award based on performance within my first year at McAfee.

The company invests in you personally and professionally, not just through training opportunities, but by encouraging healthy lifestyles and work-life balance. When we’re not working remotely, every Friday employees can bring their dogs to work through the Pups at Work Program. Some people have actually become attached to their coworkers’ pets!

Building connections has helped launch my career, understand where I want to go and how to get there. Like any new hire, you have to develop into your role, and that is only made possible with the right direction and encouragement. Coworkers and leadership have continually helped me along my journey.

Even through a period of remote working, McAfee has developed an online culture which makes you feel as though everybody is collaborating in person.

And the learning never stops. My mentor spends time each month guiding me down my career path, which is a huge plus.

A sweet experience

What I like about McAfee is you are given every chance to succeed, which instills a strong work ethic and the ability to give back. I was fortunate to help lead another MRP soon after completing my rotation. Leadership entrusted me to coordinate the program from start to finish, and it was rewarding to watch the development of those who succeeded.

My time here has been sweet, and I could not pick a better company to launch my career. I’ve gone from somebody with no background in information technology and security to being a subject matter expert.

Those three days in Dallas were tough, but sometimes you have to put in a little sweat equity to reach your goal. They are among the greatest days of my career and make working for McAfee that much sweeter.

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