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How to secure application identities at developmental speed

Webinar There you are, standing in front of two peaks, a security roadmap in your back pocket to guide you up the sheer track of the first mountain. In the other pocket, a DevOps plan that will have you leaping like a mountain goat from rock to rock up the next door peak. You wonder which mountain to scale first, but it is an impossible choice. The night is stealing all the light from the sky, and you must make up your mind.

How much better if that choice between security and speed doesn’t have to be made. Instead, there is an alignment of securing all your application identities, workloads, and devices everywhere and meeting the increasing demands for swift development. This means, that as we enter, 2023 when on average nearly 98% of total identities in a company will be non-human, security is glove in hand with DevOps.

Join The Register’s Tim Phillips on 13 December 5 pm GMT/12 pm EDT in conversation with Kurt Sand, General Manager of DevSecOps at CyberArk, as they discuss emerging DevSecOps trends and make a major prediction for 2023. As well as outlining a way to achieve the alignment of Security and DevOps mindsets, they will look at automation and policy-as-code, new ‘SaaS’ – Secrets as a Service and offer tips on how to effectively partner in our brave new world.

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