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How to stop the evil lurking in the shadows

Webinar Barely a day goes by without news of a ransomware attack somewhere in the media. And these types of cyber security incident can seriously derail financial, social, health and industrial activity, inflicting massive damage and requiring a multiagency response in their aftermath.

Recently, a software company supplying the UK’s National Health Service was attacked causing widespread outages across the service, including call handlers who dispatch ambulances and help doctors access GP records – literally a life and death threat.

Equally any business organization can be a target. One of the most famous ransomware attacks pre-pandemic was the one which stopped the production lines of Renault and Honda in 2017.

The key to prevention is to catch the pre-ransomware attack activity which prepares the ground for assault. Join The Register’s Tim Phillips for an insider’s discussion with Kelly Horsford of Red Canary on 31 August at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BST.

Get the intel on ransomware trends from the Red Canary Intelligence Report and learn how to identify pre-attack activity, the best way to manage detection and how to respond to the early stages of a pre-planned and targeted attack.

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