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If you want to see off next year’s cyber-threats, the time to prepare is … now

Paid Post Whatever sector you’re in, 2022 is likely to mean more and nastier cyber-threats.

But you’ll be much better prepared to face them down if you have an in-depth understanding of how things have played out this year and what the finest minds in the sector expect the next 12 months to bring.

But with barely six weeks of this year left, how can you achieve this? By joining the Sophos Cybersecurity Summit 2021, on December 1, from 1000 GMT (1100 CET.)

This compact virtual conference will serve up seven in-depth sessions in just four hours from practitioners, analysts, and of course Sophos’ own highly experienced staffers, all of whom have deep front-line experience against cyber-threats.

You’ll get an in-depth take on the emerging technologies and risks that will shape your world in 2022 from Forrester’s Stephanie Balaouras and Renee Murphy. You’ll also get a deep dive into attackers’ emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures – and practical guidance on how to counter them – from Sophos chief scientist Chester Wisniewski.

Sophos SVP Raja Patel will detail the latest approaches to improving your security outcomes. You’ll also gain an insight into how AI is being applied to user-behavioral data and changing our conception of the security operations center, courtesy of Sophos chief scientist Josh Saxe.

But if AI is becoming part of the cybersecurity tool kit, you can’t forget the human factor. Which is why you’ll also get a live panel discussion featuring front-line practitioners discussing how they deal with threats in the real world.

And IDC research director Chris Kissel will discuss how humans and AI will combine to provide cybersecurity in the future, while Gen-Z cybersecurity leader and social entrepreneur Kyla Guru will wrap up the conference by discussing the cybersecurity recruitment crisis and how you can attract the best and brightest of generations Z and Alpha into your security org.

To tap into this rich vein of experience and expertise all you need to do is head here and register. You won’t just be rounding off 2021 in style, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in 2022 and beyond.

Sponsored by Sophos