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Just how do you build a healthy software pipeline and make sure it’s secure?

Paid Post If establishing a rapid, robust pipeline for software delivery is tricky, doing so while ensuring security is even more complex.

Things become even more challenging when you’re dealing with the medical data of millions of consumers while ensuring that 25,000 developers are in sync.

But that’s precisely what one large US healthcare provider did by implementing a rugged DevOps program. They can keep code flowing while setting and achieving rigorous security goals and meeting the specific compliance requirements.

There are lessons here for the rest of us, and you can soak them up by joining this upcoming webinar, How a Large Healthcare Provider Transformed its Security Culture with a Developer Driven Approach, on March 29 at 0900 PST.

The session will be hosted by Jeff Williams, co-founder and CTO of Contrast Security, whose unified code security platform spans the software deployment process from development and testing through to production, including open source and serverless apps.

Jeff will be joined by a healthcare provider’s senior IT security analyst, risk management Devri Engler; principal security engineer Terrie Knops; and principal site reliability engineer Shua Gamradt.

The panel also includes Matias Madou, CTO and co-founder of Secure Code Warrior, which provides a gamified learning experience to help embed security practices in developer organisations.

Together they’ll be discussing how to embed code-level security practices across a 25,000-strong developer workforce, all without slowing down the development pipeline or over-loading coders with complex security tooling.

They’ll also examine what effective developer training really looks like, and why not all training is created equal.

And they’ll show how it’s possible to transform security culture – even when the developer cohort is tens of thousands strong – creating hundreds of security champions in the process.

Whatever industry you’re in, the pace of innovation is no more likely to slow down than the pace of your software pipeline, while the range of cyber threats just keeps getting wider.

Register now if you want to learn how to embed the right tools and practices into your developer operation.

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