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Keeping an eye on critical infrastructure and industrial systems? So are legions of cyber-criminals

Webinar Ransomware attacks on industrial environments have increased by 500 per cent in three years, and it’s unlikely the criminals responsible are going to slow down anytime soon.

What we do know is that they seem adept at exploiting a steady stream of vulnerabilities and manipulating humans to find their way into to ICS systems.

And once in, they’re highly effective at covering their traces, giving them plenty of time to explore, before acting on their main objectives, whether that is data exfiltration, data locking, causing simple disruption, or something far sinister.

But if cyber-attackers are smart, is it possible to beat them with something even smarter? Something like AI? And is it possible to predict what the next wave of attacks will look like and prepare now?

These are just some of the issues covered in our recent webinar, Securing Critical Infrastructure from Cyber-Attack.

Our own Tim Phillips, a veritable pipeline of knowledge himself, and Darktrace’s director for cyber-intelligence and analysis Justin Fier explained in depth why operational technology is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Since the past is not a complete guide to the future, they also explained what the next wave of operational technology attacks will look like, and what the possible consequences could be.

And they also showed how an AI-based, self-learning approach can close the gap when it comes to securing these vital systems.

This was a detailed dive into one of the most worrying cyber-threats of our time, and you can enjoy it at your leisure by heading here and watching it on-demand.

Smart systems need smart people to run them – and you’ll certainly be that little bit smarter for hitting play on this talk.

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