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Keeping secrets safe off prem

Webinar Keeping data confidential in a cloud environment requires the highest possible privacy levels. It’s only then that your most sensitive workloads can survive the burgeoning risks to data security that every organisation faces.

Confidential Computing can help you to safely manage those applications by encrypting data-in-use and run multi-party computation without giving away data to a third-party. Security should be a cornerstone for any cloud infrastructure, and with confidence comes the opportunity to innovate and build.

Want to find out more? Join our latest Regcast “What is confidential computing” with Tim Phillips as he talks to Richard Searle of Fortanix, Ivar Wiesma of R3, and Paul O’Neill of Intel on September 27th at 11am BST.

Together they will consider how organisations across the world are already applying Confidential Computing to deliver better data security and unlock new use cases and business opportunities.

The quartet will go on to discuss the best way to embed Confidential Computing into Microsoft’s Azure cloud for example, as a route to taking existing virtual machines, containers, and other application platforms into a safe off prem environment.

Register for the webinar here and we will send you a confidential reminder.

Sponsored by Intel.