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Keeping secrets safe

Webinar Keeping digital authentication credentials safe is a highly sensitive task in an ever-evolving IT landscape, made more difficult when you consider the ongoing shift from static to dynamic applications aligned with increasingly distributed teams of workers.

The fulcrum of safekeeping is identity security, and particularly the ability to distinguish between human and non-human entities. And putting the right elements in place is critical to building strong secrets management strategies.

Join the Register’s Nicole Hemsoth on 5 April at 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT in conversation with Uzi Ailon of CyberArk as they explore how to enable resilient secrets management in your organization.Together they will ponder what you need to build your strategy and analyze how CyberArk can take secrets management into next-generation applications through an in-depth overview and demo of its technology platform.

This includes rotation to automation, easing multi-tool management, and ensuring optimal performance and flexibility which all helps to ensure the demanding job of the developer becomes a lot easier. In an IT ecosystem which is constantly transforming, and throwing up constant challenges, securing Secrets goes a long way towards achieving peace of mind.

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