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Keeping the enemy at the gate

Webinar Faced with relentless cyberattacks organizations need the kind of defenses usually reserved for small states. And everything that Zero Trust principles can pull into play will help safeguard against the nimble nastiness of the dark actors intent on doing harm.

The Zero Trust approach to cyber security can help shield data throughout its lifecycle, reinforced with automated back-up controls. Sensitive information can be protected with vigorous role-based access controls and compliance reporting, employing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to check user identities and authorize discrete access permissions. If the worst happens, there are the tools to quickly assess the extent of the damage through investigation and classification then provide recovery at all levels, whether bulk or individual files.

Join The Register’s Martin Courtney in conversation with Rafaela Martuchelli, Rubrik’s Database Solution Architect in our webinar – Preventing the worst thing that can happen to your database with Zero Trust data security – to learn more on 16 August at 8 pm BST/ 3pm EDT/12 pm PDT.

Discover the multiple embedded recovery options using Rubrik LiveMount and Mass Recovery. And since data written into the Rubrik system cannot be modified, deleted or encrypted by an attacker, IT departments always have clean data copy on hand to aid recovery.

Those based in a US time zone, can use this link to get the latest intelligence on the Zero Trust data security approach. If you hail from the APAC region sign up for the webinar here while those from the UK should head here.

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