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Know Your Superpower: Brenda’s McAfee Journey

Our How I Got Here series spotlights the stories of McAfee team members who have successfully grown their careers. Read more about Brenda’s McAfee’s journey, what a day in the McAfee sales team is like, and what her superpower is.​​​​​​​

Embracing opportunities

When I started my professional career, I was in technology but one of the few women there at the time. A colleague encouraged me to join the Canadian Information Processing Society as a volunteer. I was just exploring, but it turned out to be a career-builder.

After some time, I joined the Society’s board – my first board appointment ever. Suddenly I was in a leadership position and people were looking to me to make decisions, especially the CIOs and other executives who were on the board with me. I embraced the opportunity, and the expectations they had of me shaped the professional I am today.

A day in the McAfee Sales team

I knew about McAfee from some people who had already worked there and was intrigued by the premise of protecting families online. This was a chance to do what I loved at a bigger scale. And after my interviews, I knew it was the right move!

I am part of the North American Sales team that acquires customers through partnerships with big box retailers throughout North America. Together with our partners, we help customers see the value of McAfee.

In sales, you are constantly interacting with people. Each day is different: one moment I’m planning with partners on how to jointly protect their customers and families online. The next, I’m working will McAfee colleagues on sales strategies and business planning. My days are a steady mix of conference and video calls to collaborate, plan, and connect.

Every day, I get to work with so many great people. On top of that, we’re using our powers for good! Everyone, partners and colleagues alike, are all inspired by our ultimate mission: to protect people and their families. I keep going back to the people – but what a fabulous community of colleagues and partners we work with globally​! I also love the birds-eye view I get across all McAfee’s business units. In order to make good on the promises we make to our partners, I collaborate every day with so many key stakeholders across our entire business.

And now that my children are adults, I’m finding more time for exercise, like Peloton or F45 cross fit. I’m also taking piano classes, and I just wrapped a one-night-a-week downhill skiing program with one of my daughters!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Flexibility, WISE and meeting global teams

McAfee lets you be flexible in getting your job done and taking on other projects. I am so grateful that I can help others through activities such as WISE (the McAfee Women In Security community). It’s important to do something outside of your day job because it makes your world bigger.

I work with some really great women on the WISE board. We are so supportive of each other. Board work is outside of our normal day jobs and sometimes we want to do things we haven’t done before. We put our heads together to figure it out quickly, divide up the work, and get it done!

I’ve also been very fortunate to be able to meet with many customers, partners, and colleagues face-to-face. This has allowed me to learn and grow, not only in my career but also in the Diversity and Inclusion space. The more you know about someone, the better partner and ally you can be.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​My superpower

Over my career, I’ve built up my superpower: building relationships. I choose to be positive and empathetic, which helps me develop strong working relationships. I also keep in touch with people I’ve worked with over the years, whether they are peers, customers, or younger professionals I’ve mentored.