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Learning from real life situations

Sponsored Post There’s nothing much to be said in favour of cybercrime. It ruins legitimate endeavours and wrecks livelihoods. It does, though, build a sense togetherness among the people whose job is to stop it.

The fact is that the fight against cybercriminals increasingly relies on a degree of collaboration between the good guys. Even where they work for rival organisations. That’s why SANS has set so much store by a community-based approach to information security. Its multitude of programs are all about developing talent in the cybersecurity field, cutting across boundaries and encouraging a feeling of unity among cyber professionals.

The SANS ethos is about empowering people at all levels of seniority and experience with the skills and knowledge they need to progress in cybersecurity. Everyone must play their part to make the world a safer place.

None of this would mean much without SANS’ team of expert instructors. All of them excel in the classroom, which you’d sort of expect from instructors. But they’re also great at mentoring people who are keen to build on their security credentials.

Importantly, they are also leading practitioners in their various fields. Every one of them holds a day-to-day job within the cybersecurity industry. And instructors who are deeply rooted in real world cyber experience are better placed to make sure that everyone who completes SANS training can apply the skills they’ve learned on the first day back at work.

Community is important to SANS and its instructors’ practical knowledge is a critical part of that commitment. All are dedicated to the principle of sharing research, tools, and analysis with other cyber professionals. Every one of them wants to provide engaging and positive learning environments, teaching key sills through lectures, immersive hands-on labs, and interactive discussions.

These experts make it possible for SANS and GIAC to prepare the next generation of cyber security professionals.

How’s this for a CV:

– SANS instructors have spent an average of more than 16 years as security practitioners before becoming SANS Certified Instructors.

– More than 150 open source cyber security tools have been created by SANS instructors.

– Over 40 books on information security have authored by SANS Instructors.

– SANS instructors have produced more than 3,500 research papers and webcasts on security topics.

– Each of the 120 plus SANS Institute instructors is a passionate teacher, dedicated to the cyber security community.

All of that collective experience means that whether you’re just getting started or have decades of know-how already behind you, you’ll find hands-on training and support designed to keep you sharp and ready.

For more information visit the SANS website here.

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