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Locking down the edge

Sponsored Post Edge security is a growing headache. The attack surface is expanding as more operational functions migrate out of centralized locations and into distributed sites and devices.

And with increasing numbers of organizations choosing to host data at their fringes, the network edge is more vulnerable than ever without the right protection. Just think how many more risks data faces in, say, an airport, a factory, a power plant or a hospital compared with a heavily defended datacenter backed by robust access controls.

Long supply chains which also span edge locations, perhaps involving multiple partners and contractors, can create added risk. And while many vertical sectors such as healthcare, energy and manufacturing present edge-related security vulnerabilities, they can simultaneously lack the expert and dedicated IT security professionals usually resident in head offices and centralized hosting facilities.

Any serious data breach at the edge has the potential to result in a heavy price for the organization affected. Edge breaches can also have an immediate negative impact on ordinary people’s lives, perhaps more so than with other types of security incident, due to the instant disruption to their data flow. With additional regulatory and data protection implications to consider, it’s clear that edge locations need a high level of cyber security protection.

If you want to learn about these challenges and possible solutions in more detail, Dell Technologies has developed a webinar presented by Jeroen Mackenbach, Technical Staff with the company’s Infrastructure Solutions Group Edge Portfolio. Mackenbach describes a need to reimagine edge protection, outlining a Zero Trust approach where nothing and nobody is automatically trusted, and all devices must be constantly verified. He believes that edge security must operate at massive scale, while a successful Zero Trust strategy needs complete visibility of all data and devices at all times. Automation is equally key to maintaining adequate protection and keeping the security management overhead to a minimum.

The webinar maps out the role of Dell’s NativeEdge platform in restoring trust at the edge, reducing attack surfaces and bringing that visibility and automation to the party. You can watch it by clicking here.

Sponsored by Dell.