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Malice in the mail

Webinar Almost half of all losses to cybercrime come from Business Email Compromise (BEC), according to the FBI. It appears that even the most astute among us can fall foul of a cunningly crafted phishing email masquerading as a missive from a trusted source.

It’s not as if phishing is a crime that’s going to diminish over time. The risks to organizations are set to get far worse and the challenge is how to prevent breaches of security when email is one of the hardest applications to secure.

Cloudflare surveyed 316 members of the world’s cyber security top brass across North America, EMEA and APAC about the state of phishing for its latest Phishing Threats Report. And the company can now reveal critical insights on which threats are rising and those which are hardest to defend against, as well as offer practical information on how to keep safe.

Join the Register’s Tim Phillips on 12 September 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT in discussion with Cloudflare’s Oren Falkowitz to hear more. They’ll explore the most common and dangerous ways that attackers use BEC, the latest innovations in deception and how to secure your organization.

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