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Maximum protection against hostile incursions

Webinar The cyber security of any organisation or enterprise relies on the integrity of its identity management structure. After all, there’s no shortage of bad actors looking for a chink in the wall.

The Zero Trust approach to cyber security has been developed to defend all users and applications from hostile incursions. It’s an approach which actively relies on a complex inter-weaving of multiple components such as access control, threat detection and response, multi-factor authentication and threat intelligence coupled with constant monitoring and analysis.

It is no small task to manage and put in place all these different elements across complex on-prem and cloud based systems quickly and efficiently and to find the optimal way to apply the right policies to minimize the risk of a lethal break-in.

For tips on how to do it, listen in to our webinar – “The Critical role of identity in Zero Trust security” – on 20 September at 12pm EDT/9am PDT/5pm BST where you’ll hear The Register’s Commercial Editor Martin Courtney discuss these challenges and much more with Yiftach Keshet, Silverfort’s Director of Product Marketing.

Together they will consider how the Zero Trust approach can deliver better defences and analyze the role of identity management in Zero Trust architecture, outlining a real world implementation of Silverfort’s unified identity protection platform.

Register here and we’ll even send you a reminder to listen in on the day.

Sponsored by Silverfort.