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PC Gamers (and Parents of Gamers) Rejoice!

Of all the pastimes that took off during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that online gaming was one of them. After all, gaming offers excitement, new experiences, and social interaction, all from the comfort of home. It’s no wonder then that the gaming industry saw a 20% increase in revenue in 2020, as new and previously-retired gamers returned to this pastime. 

But while the gaming industry was finding a lot of new allies, the players themselves faced growing exposure to malware and threats. Our 2020 Mobile Threat Report found that gamers are being targeted with phishing attacks and malicious apps, aimed at stealing usernames and passwords. With this information, hackers could potentially steal hard-earned in-game collectibles, as well as real-world money and personal information. And PC gamers face similar threats, from viruses and spyware to network attacks that could potentially put their personal information and property at risk. 

While 75% of gamers surveyed worry about their security while gaming in the future, some worry they’ll have to compromise performance to be protected. That’s why McAfee® Gamer Security offers robust protection to PC gamers with one of the lowest impacts on system performance in the industry. 

To protect the growing number of gamers against increasing threats, we are offering one free year of McAfee Gamer Security for one gaming PC to multi-device McAfee ® Total Protection  and McAfee® Live Safe™ users in the U.S. This powerful software was built from the ground up to address the challenges gamers face, with speedy performance, system optimization, uninterrupted gaming, and no pop-up apps. 

But don’t just take it from me. This is what one of our users have to say: “I believe [McAfee Gamer Security] had a positive impact … because it increased the speed of my game as well as gave me peace of mind that I was protected during my gameplay​.” 

We know that gamers are some of the most tech-savvy and connected users out there, so it’s important that we meet them where they are by giving them the performance and security they need to play at full throttle. After all, many users are seeking stress relief through gaming, not the extra worry over their online security. 

With McAfee Gamer Security we made security for players more fun, by including a gamer-centric interface that was inspired by familiar apps like game launchers — you can check the current status of your system and key resources that impact in-game performance, like GPU, CPU, and memory, as well as perform real-time optimization. And of course, we’ve also included monitoring for your all-important FPS (frames per second). You can even access past performance data to better understand your game-by-game trends. 

Let’s keep the excitement of gaming while adding the extra confidence of knowing that your digital life is protected. Whether you are new to McAfee or already enjoying our personal protection, you can download McAfee Gamer Security for free in under one minute with a qualifying subscription! In our mission to provide users with personal protection, we are welcoming PC gamers with open arms. 

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