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Prevent hackers by getting into their heads. Here’s how.

Webinar If the old proclamation ‘know yourself, know your enemy’ is true for cyber defence, then how robust are your security practices?

It’s not enough to consider how to keep the bad guys out – because they will always find a way in. Really effective cyber defence depends on being able to get into the mind of the attacker, analysing exactly how they would penetrate and move through your systems – however good you think your defences are.

Darktrace has been carrying out intense research into the topic over the last few years and this is now part of its new Prevent capabilities. You can find out more about this in this upcoming webinar, “Attack Path Modelling” on March 9 at 9am PST / 5pm GMT

Our own first-rate intelligence Tim Phillips will be joined by Darktrace’s global CISO, Mike Beck, and they’ll be discussing how AI can be leveraged alongside sophisticated technologies like graph theory to adopt an adversarial mindset that builds an organisation’s resilience against cyber-attacks, and identify where best to allocate resources and efforts.

They’ll explain how attack path modelling analyses real-time telemetry passively and continuously. Darktrace Prevent emulates what an attack would look like using real data, specific to that organisation, to create a unique understanding of whether the attack would be successful against existing defences.

All you need to do to join this fascinating session is head here and register. We’ll make sure you’re gently reminded on the day. It’s the intelligent thing to do – but you knew that already, didn’t you.