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Preventing data theft with ADX technology

Webinar Daily incursions are underway with the aim of removing every bit of data that you’ve got – the cyber criminals’ aim is to break in and get out again laden with digital booty.

But without that data exfiltration there’s no ransom to pay. And if cybercriminals can’t steal your data, they move on.

Many organisations spend most of their time fortifying and securing themselves from external attack. And security solutions tend to target incoming traffic and focus on perimeter defence by utilising dictionaries of attack signatories.

Blackfog is taking a different approach though, with on-device anti data exfiltration (ADX) technology leveraging AI based behavioural analytics to limit the ability for any users, even administrators, to send unauthorized data outside the network.

You can learn more about Blackfog and its solutions by joining the Register’s Tim Phillips on November 15 at 5pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST in conversation with the company’s CEO and Founder, Dr Darren Williams. Tim and Darren will explore the most efficient and successful way to secure all your devices and data and explain why traditional AV solutions cannot stop AI-enhanced intruders. Together, they’ll outline why ADX technology can provide the best defence against ransomware and extortion, and discuss how you can most effectively secure your data.

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