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Ransomware attacks are inevitable. Paying the ransom isn’t

Sponsored Ransomware attacks have accelerated at a feverish pace in the last year leaving small businesses, large enterprises, and government agencies scrambling to protect the lifeblood of their organizations – their data. So what can you do?

Well, first you need to have a plan – for how to react and recover in the event of a ransomware attack . If you don’t, you will find yourself, inevitably, planning to pay off the bad guys.

And nothing helps bring together a plan like hearing from people who’ve faced these threats and worked their way through them. Join the Rubrik Data Security Summit on 14 September at 10.30 am CEST to get best practices on how to prepare your business for ransomware.

This event brings together security leaders from both the private and public sectors to learn why network, perimeter, and application security isn’t enough. You’ll hear about new cyber/ransomware threats, and how they impact every layer of your organization – from board decisions to shareholder value.

What can you do to protect your organization’s valuable data and critical IT assets? What goes into a Ransomware Recovery Plan? And how can you equip your IT, SecOps and Incident Response team to quickly respond should you ever have the need? These are some of the critical questions that will be covered during the event.

Check out the agenda. Highlights include a joint keynote from Chris Krebs, former White House Director of CISA, and Suzette Kent, former White House Federal CIO.

Other speakers include Rishi Bhargava, VP of product strategy at Palo Alto Networks; Kevin Mandia, CEO at FireEye; and of course, senior Rubrik execs and engineers, including cofounder and CEO Bipul Sinha.

In less than two and a half hours, you’ll finish with a better understanding of ransomware remediation, recovery, and zero trust data management to get backup and running.

And crucially you’ll have basics of a strategy to ensure that – while being targeted by ransomware is virtually inevitable, paying the ransom isn’t. So, to start building your plan, head to the registration page here.

Sponsored by Rubrik