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Ransomware demands… a new approach to security

Webinar A ransomware attack is not a smash and grab operation. Once attackers are in your systems they’ll quietly take their time working out what to encrypt to have maximum impact and make you more likely to pay up.

And what’s going to hurt most? Losing control of your backups – the very data that you rely on to get your business back up and running quickly.

So what’s the answer? Encrypting your backups yourself is one part. But you should also put in place a zero trust approach across your organisation, as well as analytics capabilities to work out what data has been affected in an attack. And, having the right workflow in place to get back up and running quickly means you’re less likely to take the shortcut of paying the ransom.

You can see how this all works in practice by joining this webinar, Accelerate Your Ransomware Recovery, on January 13 at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 GMT.)

The Register’s Tim Phillips, who knows all about playbooks, will be joined by Rubrik’s Murthy Mathiprakasam, and together they’ll discuss how to implement zero-trust security and supplement it with analytics to optimise your recovery when ransomware strikes (which it will.)

They’ll show how traditional tools and manual processes are great for recovering from natural disasters or IT failures, but just don’t cut it when it comes to ransomware.

Murthy will also explain how you can accelerate your recovery through the adept use of analytics.

And they’ll examine how zero trust changes both the economics and dynamics of dealing with cyber attacks and ransomware.

So, if you want to take your first steps in developing a playbook that will help you protect your organisation from ransomware, and help you get back on your feet when it does hit, head here and register now. Because waiting till you’re attacked is too late.

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