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Ransomware giving you sleepless nights? Here’s how to insure a good night’s sleep

Paid Post Why do CISOs and CIOs endure so many sleepless nights? Because they’re either worrying about cyber attacks in general, and ransomware in particular, or because they’re actually dealing with them.

It would be nice to think there was a magic bullet that could help. But the fact is, there isn’t.

What you can do is plan for the (almost) inevitable, work to minimize its effects, and aim to recover as quickly as possible. And that increasingly means supplementing your security tool kit with cyber insurance.

Still, taking out cyber insurance can be a fraught experience in itself. But whether you struggle to differentiate between excess and success, or you’re laser-focused on how to leverage your security tooling to get the best possible deal, we’ve got something that could help, in the shape of the Sophos Guide to Cyber Insurance.

This compact but in-depth document explains exactly what cyber insurance is, from the sort of risks it can cover, what help your insurer can deliver you to get back on your feet after an attack, and how this all meshes with your existing security setup.

It also gives key figures, highlighting the sort of companies and sectors that are under-insured (guess where the public sector sits), and crucially, where premiums and pay outs have been heading in recent years. (Upwards, in case you were wondering.)

And it walks you through what you can do to ensure that you can obtain cover in the first place, what you can do to keep your premiums low, and what you can do to maximise your chance of securing a pay out if the worse happens.

It also shows you how to leverage your security team and tooling to do this, for example by implementing multifactor authentication, or putting in place a solid incident response plan.

And it sets out how key tools from Sophos can play a part in this. All of which will help you avoid the worst of attacks, and help you get back up and running quickly when they do occur.

Of course, you might be the sort who thinks that thinking about insurance is guaranteed to have you nodding off. But with cyber threats on the rise, getting up to speed on cyber insurance is precisely what you should be doing to make it through the night. So, head here now and rest easy.

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