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Remote code execution vulnerability in Samba due to macOS interop module

Six months after LibreOffice 7.2, version 7.3 is out with faster and more accurate file importing and rendering for improved compatibility with Microsoft Office.

The new release is the latest “fresh” version. The Document Foundation also offers a “still” edition, which is based on an older but more extensively tested release; it’s currently on version 7.1.8. The differences aren’t that dramatic – without rehashing the release notes, these are point releases, so don’t expect huge changes.

It has better support for importing Microsoft Office documents, and lots of relatively modest improvements in diagrams, charts, hyperlink support, and more. If you really push Microsoft’s offering hard, LibreOffice probably isn’t for you, but if like most of us you barely scratch the surface of what it can do, you will probably be fine with LibreOffice.