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Sandworm uses a new version of ArguePatch to attack targets in Ukraine

ESET researchers spot an updated version of the malware loader used in the Industroyer2 and CaddyWiper attacks

Sandworm, the APT group behind some of the world’s most disruptive cyberattacks, continues to update its arsenal for campaigns targeting Ukraine.

The ESET research team has now spotted an updated version of the ArguePatch malware loader that was used in the Industroyer2 attack against a Ukrainian energy provider and in multiple attacks involving data wiping malware called CaddyWiper.

The new variant of ArguePatch – named so by the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) and detected by ESET products as Win32/Agent.AEGY – now includes a feature to execute the next stage of an attack at a specified time. This bypasses the need for setting up a scheduled task in Windows and is likely intended to help the attackers stay under the radar.

Another difference between the two otherwise highly similar variants is that the new iteration uses an official ESET executable to hide ArguePatch, with the digital signature removed and code overwritten. The Industroyer2 attack, meanwhile, leveraged a patched version of HexRays IDA Pro’s remote debug server.

The latest find builds on a string of discoveries that ESET researchers have made since just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On February 23rd, ESET’s telemetry picked up HermeticWiper on the networks of a number of high-profile Ukrainian organizations. The campaigns also leveraged HermeticWizard, a custom worm used for propagating HermeticWiper inside local networks, and HermeticRansom, which acted as decoy ransomware. The next day, a second destructive attack against a Ukrainian governmental network started, this time deploying IsaacWiper.

In the middle of March, ESET uncovered CaddyWiper on several dozen systems in a limited number of Ukrainian organizations. Importantly, ESET’s collaboration with CERT-UA led to the discovery of a planned attack involving Industroyer2, which was intended to be unleashed on a Ukrainian power company in April.

IoCs for the new ArguePatch variant:
Filename: eset_ssl_filtered_cert_importer.exe
SHA-1 hash: 796362BD0304E305AD120576B6A8FB6721108752
ESET detection name: Win32/Agent.AEGY