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Scrambling to counter a ransomware attack could leave you with egg on your face

Sponsored When you read about security teams “scrambling” to respond to a ransomware attack, what do you think is the real problem?

Ransomware and other cyberattacks are, sadly, a given. But if you’re always “scrambling” or racing to counter the threat, perhaps you need to radically rethink your approach.

Having a plan to not just detect an attack, but to its impact, and to bring back only those files and data that are affected, means you’ll be far better placed to get your organisation back in business quickly. The alternative, after all, is to weigh up the costs of recovery time against just giving the attackers what they want.

So if you think the former approach makes sense, you should join the second episode of our Ransomware Remediation Masterclass Series, on October 21 at 11am, where the subject is “How to Detect and Analyse Ransomware Threats”.

Your host will be Tim Phillips, a master of defence in his own way. Tim will be joined by Rubrik’s Chris Beckett, who will be taking you step by step through the anatomy of a ransomware attack – and crucially what happens in the aftermath.

So, as well prepping you on how to spot the signs of an attack and how to assess the blast radius, Chris will also drill you on the actions you need to take at each stage to recover quickly.

And he’ll explain how the best defence intelligently leverages machine learning to fortify response tools.

Joining us is easy. Just register here, and we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be entirely safe from ransomware attacks in the future. But we can promise you’ll be far better informed about how to deal with them when they happen.

This article is sponsored by Rubrik.