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So the FBI only abused snoop powers around 280,000 times. What’s to worry about?

Register Kettle If there’s one thing that’s more all the rage these days than this AI hype, it’s warrantless spying by the Feds.

Just kidding, it’s always been that way.

As we reported this week, the FBI abused its foreign surveillance powers more than 278,000 times in about a year to probe protesters, political campaign donors, and others, according to a court opinion. This is amid the Feds rethinking how they measure warrantless snooping.

Then there were the San Francisco cops getting the option to live monitor private businesses’ security cameras ahead of anticipated protests in the city. The US Supreme Court also just refused to hear a petition to review the legality of some warrantless video surveillance.

These stories sparked quite a reaction on the web, so we made government surveillance, its effectiveness, and what’s on the horizon, the topic of this week’s Kettle podcast that you can check out below.

In less than 15 minutes you can hear direct from some of the folks who help put together The Register every day, week, month, and year. From top left, going clockwise, in the thumbnail we have Brandon Vigliarolo, Jessica Lyons Hardcastle, Iain Thomson, and Chris Williams. Tune in, and hear us out. ®