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The devil in the detail

Webinar You could be forgiven for wondering if anything can ever again be completely straightforward or demonstrably authentic in a world where generative AI can masquerade convincingly as your mother, or express itself in the exact language your best friend might use.

So something that cons you into believing that urgent email really is from the head of your department doesn’t seem at all far fetched, and that means we all have to be ever alert and super-prepared to meet a tsunami of evolving cyber security threats.

Ransomware attacks fuelled by generative AI have doubled this year according to recent research. Fortunately, Cloudflare has years of cyber security experience and has already been meeting this challenge head on by foiling hackers which have been targeting its own internal systems and those of its customers. Now the company is ready to share how it deals with threats posed by AI-enhanced attacks to internal applications with you.

Join the Register’s Tim Phillips on 29 August 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT as he talks with Cloudflare’s Derek Chamorro, a veteran in finding and developing security solutions. Together they’ll explore how to spot AI-enhanced attacks, enhance your security culture and understand the importance of implementing a layered defence.

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