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The Final Countdown to Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022: “It's easy to stay safe online!”

Cybersecurity Awareness Blog 2022 Image

Today’s blog will jumpstart NIST’s celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022! We have a lot in store for October and are looking forward to sharing our work, progress, events, and news with you. This year’s theme is “See Yourself In Cyber” and will cover four key behaviors:

  1. Enabling multi-factor authentication
  2. Using strong passwords and a password manager
  3. Updating software
  4. Recognizing and reporting phishing

As a repeat Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, NIST is dedicated to promoting a safer online environment and helping others learn and understand the complex world of cybersecurity. We plan to post a series of blogs each week in October that will feature our NIST experts explaining ways to use the four above behaviors to keep people and businesses more secure online. We will also be using our @NISTcyber Twitter account as a vehicle to spread the word about our various cybersecurity and privacy resources (think videos, publications, infographics, fact sheets, websites, and more).

One of these resources is very special to us; today, we are also officially launching NIST’s 50th Anniversary of Cybersecurity History Timeline, which highlights our different milestones and accomplishments over the last five decades. This has been a labor of love for us and is something we are very proud of.

How can we celebrate with NIST?

  • Peruse our NIST Cybersecurity Awareness Month website: HERE
  • Check out our NEW 50th Anniversary Timeline: HERE
  • Look at our cybersecurity and privacy resources on our anniversary website: HERE
  • Read our cybersecurity and privacy blogs all month-long: HERE
  • Subscribe to our Cybersecurity Insights blog…so updates come right to you: HERE
  • Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #NISTcyber50th to join the discussion: HERE
  • Check out our cybersecurity landing page to see what else is going on: HERE
  • Attend one of NIST’s virtual events in October:
    • October 18:  Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Twitter Chat
      We are hosting a Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Twitter Chat at 11:00am-11:30am ET.  This Twitter chat will focus on Cybersecurity Career opportunities — follow hashtags #CyberCareerChat, #CyberCareerWeek, and #MyCyberJob to stay informed!
    • October 20: NCCoE Celebrates #CyberWeek with Students and Faculty Event
      Join the staff of the NCCoE for an afternoon of virtual networking and engaging discussions. During this webinar, attendees will gain valuable insight into cybersecurity careers, learn about internship and employment opportunities at NIST, and explore how to get involved in the NCCoE’s applied cybersecurity projects.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to spread awareness on the importance of cybersecurity best practices… and Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!