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The infinite beauty of the hive mind

Webinar The individual memory of a bee is the repository for one facet of the collective memory of the beehive – the hive mind. Working together each bee feeds into the collective consciousness of the hive to optimize the production of the very best honey.

In a similar way, crowdsourcing can orchestrate the collective talent of cyber security professionals to deliver a better grade of protection, over-riding the individual skills gaps which can leave organizations short of manpower and vulnerable to risk.

In the last ten years, crowdsourcing has demonstrated just how important it is to work as a team to provide effective cybersecurity. But narrow, purpose-built tools which aid engagement with ethical hackers are hard to integrate within a broader security strategy, while associated consultation activity is difficult to scale.

Listen to the buzz in our latest Safety in Numbers Regcast, available on 27 October, when Tim Phillips and Justin Kestelyn of Bugcrowd will explore what the future holds for a platform approach to crowdsourced security.

Together they will look at the drivers for, and advantages of crowdsourced security, as well as the obstacles of crowdsourcing security at scale, how to orchestrate data technology and people for the very best results.

If you hail from the APAC region you can access the Regcast here. Those from the rest of the world should follow this link.

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