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The safety of numbers

Webinar It was the English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon who first wrote ‘knowledge is power,’ a phrase which is probably equally applicable in fighting cybercrime today as it was in 1597 when he first committed it to paper. Because failing to keep up with the latest intel on malware and hacking methods can leave your organization open to a lot of potential risks.

Obtaining a deep and broad knowledge of the threats and adversaries you face can deliver unique advantages. That’s why Bugcrowd believes the next evolutionary step in crowdsourced security is a platform approach that lets users access the most skilled talent available without actually having to employ it, while operating consistently at scale.

Join Tim Phillips in conversation with Justin Kestelyn of Bugcrowd in our latest webcast – “Safety In Numbers” – on 27th October to find out more.

Together they will debate the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting large numbers of cyber security professionals to your cause through crowdsourcing platforms, and the obstacles which can prevent effective collaboration needed to optimize your protection.

If you hail from APAC region, click to access the Regcast here. If you live anywhere else, please register at this link.

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