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The top cloud cyber security threats unpacked

Webinar The cloud is constantly in flux, and with its continual growth comes an equally rapid acceleration of threats and vulnerabilities direct towards it. You could say the cloud environment resembles the wild west where even hired guns carefully guarding your wagon train are not always enough to prevent an ambush by a gang of determined outlaws.

Identity and access issues topped the list of IT professionals concerns in the Cloud Security Alliance’s annual round up of security threats this year. But as more organizations migrate sensitive data and workloads off prem, there are other issues to consider. It behoves every IT team to monitor cloud misconfigurations for example, and to adopt an optimal vulnerability management stance to minimize any risk to their assets.

The Top 5 Cloud Threats are the subject of our latest webinar on 8th November at 5pm GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT. Listen in to hear the Register’s Tim Phillips unpack them in conversation with Alon Schindel and Annam Iyer, two researchers from Wiz – the team behind the discovery of vulnerabilities like ChaosDB and OMIGOD.

Together, they’ll weigh up the risks that any organization runs when they’re vulnerable to cloud-borne viruses, malware, insider attacks and other forms of unwanted intrusion, and give you practical advice on how to protect your environment.

This is one not to be missed so register here to make sure you don’t lose out.

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